Band Lighting Hire Package 3

Elevate your live event with Technically Unique’s Lighting Package For Bands Package 3. Immerse your performance in a vibrant visual symphony featuring:

  • 8 x Spot Moving Lights
  • 4x Wash LED Moving Lights
  • 12 x LED Stage Pars
  • 4 x FOH Pars
  • Hazer Machine
  • Avolites Tiger Touch 2 Console

Crafted for bands and versatile enough for various events, this package delivers dynamic lighting effects and atmospheric depth. Technically Unique, a full production events company, ensures cutting-edge equipment and professional guidance.

To enhance your experience, consider hiring our skilled lighting technicians for flawless execution, allowing you to focus on delivering an electrifying performance. Illuminate your live event with precision and style — book Lighting Package For Bands Package 3 today.

Illuminate Your Performance with Our Band Lighting Hire Package 3 

At Technically Unique, we understand the pivotal role lighting plays in elevating live performances. Our Band Lighting Hire Package 3 is meticulously curated to bring a symphony of colours, dynamics, and precision to your stage. With 8 x Spot Moving Lights, 4x Wash LED Moving Lights, 12 x LED Stage Pars, 4 x FOH Pars, Hazer Machine, and the Avolites Tiger Touch 2 console, this comprehensive lighting package is designed to turn your live event into an unforgettable visual spectacle.

Why Choose Our Band Lighting Hire Package 3?

1. Dynamic Visuals for Bands:

  • Spot Moving Lights: Illuminate key moments, solos, and band members with focused beams, creating dynamic visual effects that sync seamlessly with the music. 
  • Wash LED Moving Lights: Flood the stage with vibrant colours and sweeping motions, enhancing the overall energy and atmosphere of the performance.
  • LED Stage Pars: Versatile and powerful, these lights add depth and richness to the stage, ensuring every corner is bathed in the perfect hue.

2. Atmospheric Depth with Hazer Machine:

  • The included Hazer Machine introduces a layer of atmospheric depth, making the light beams more visible and adding a captivating visual dimension to the performance.

3. Precise Control with Avolites Tiger Touch 2:

  • The Avolites Tiger Touch 2 console offers unparalleled control over the entire lighting setup. From orchestrating intricate lighting sequences to adapting on-the-fly during live performances, this console empowers you to create a visually stunning and seamless production.

4. Versatility for Various Events:

  • While crafted with bands in mind, this lighting package transcends musical genres. It’s equally suited for corporate events, fashion shows, and other live events where impactful lighting is essential.

Why Hire Band Lighting Hire Package 3 from Technically Unique?

1. Cutting-Edge Equipment:

  • Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology ensures that every piece of equipment in Lighting Package For Bands Package 3 is top-of-the-line, delivering exceptional performance.

2. Full Production Expertise:

  • As a full production events company, our expertise extends beyond providing equipment. We bring a wealth of experience to ensure every aspect of your event, especially the lighting, contributes to an unforgettable experience.

3. Professional Guidance:

  • While the setup is user-friendly, we highly recommend you hire a lighting technician from our team. Their expertise in managing live productions, stage lighting, and event lighting ensures flawless execution, allowing you to focus on delivering an electrifying performance.

Hiring a Lighting Technician: Enhancing Your Visual Symphony

1. Dynamic Sequences:

  • A skilled lighting technician can synchronise lighting effects seamlessly with the dynamics of your music, creating visually stunning and synchronised moments that captivate the audience.

2. Smooth Transitions:

  • Ensure flawless transitions between different parts of your performance, enhancing the overall flow of your show and maintaining engagement.

3. Adaptation on-the-Fly:

  • Respond to changes in the performance flow with real-time adjustments, guaranteeing a polished and professional presentation that leaves a lasting impression.

Hire Band Lighting Hire Package 3 For Your Live Event Today! 

Lighting Package For Bands Package 3 from Technically Unique is not just a collection of lights; it’s a carefully curated visual symphony designed to elevate your live event to new heights. Whether you’re a band aiming to create a mesmerising concert experience or an event organiser seeking impactful lighting solutions, this package is your key to unlocking a world of dynamic visuals and atmospheric depth. Book today from our full production events company, and let us illuminate your performance with precision and style. Turn your live event into an extraordinary visual spectacle with Lighting Package For Bands Package 3.

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