Small Band PA System

Elevate your live music experience with our Small Band PA System Hire Package.


  • 2x Powered Mackie 212 Active Speakers for powerful and clear sound
  • 2x Speaker Stands for versatile setup
  • 3x SM58 Microphones on stands for pristine vocals
  • Yamaha Mixer MG06X for professional audio control

Perfect for musicians, event planners, and hosts, this portable package ensures every note is heard with precision. Book our Small Band PA System today for an immersive and unforgettable auditory journey at your next event.

Elevate Your Musical Experience: Small Band PA System Hire

The soul-stirring notes of a live band can transform any gathering into a memorable event. To ensure every melody is heard with precision, our Small Band PA System Hire offers a compact yet powerful solution for a wide range of events. 

Who Would Benefit?

1. Musicians and Bands:

  • As the heartbeat of the musical world, musicians and bands seeking a portable yet impactful sound system will find our Small Band PA System ideal for intimate performances, rehearsals, or acoustic gigs.

2. Event Planners and Organisers:

  • Event planners orchestrating live performances, small concerts, or music-themed events can rely on our Small Band PA to provide a professional and immersive auditory experience for attendees.

3. Wedding Planners:

  • Wedding planners curating romantic atmospheres and memorable moments can enhance ceremonies and receptions with our Small Band PA, ensuring vows and speeches are heard with clarity.

4. Corporate Event Managers:

  • Corporate events incorporating live entertainment, from product launches to awards ceremonies, can benefit from the crisp audio delivery our Small Band PA System provides.

5. Party Hosts:

  • Individuals hosting private parties, birthdays, or celebratory gatherings can amplify the festive spirit with live music, making our Small Band PA System an excellent choice for residential events.

Types of Events and Celebrations

1. Wedding Receptions:

  • Create an enchanting ambiance for wedding receptions, with live bands serenading the newlyweds and their guests. Our Small Band PA ensures that every word and melody is cherished.

2. Intimate Concerts and Gigs:

  • Musicians and bands can take their performances to new heights with our portable PA system, suitable for small-scale concerts, pub gigs, and acoustic sessions.

3. Corporate Functions:

  • Elevate the corporate atmosphere by incorporating live music into seminars, conferences, and product launches. Our Small Band PA System adds a touch of sophistication to professional events.

4. Birthday Parties:

  • Whether it’s a milestone celebration or an intimate gathering of friends, a live band powered by our Small Band PA adds a lively and memorable dimension to birthday festivities.

5. Outdoor Gatherings:

  • Garden parties, picnics, and outdoor celebrations become even more vibrant with the inclusion of live music. Our Small Band PA System offers the perfect audio backdrop for al fresco events.

Package Highlights

1. Powered Mackie 212 Active Speakers:

  • Compact yet robust, these speakers deliver clear and powerful sound, ensuring that the nuances of live performances are captured effortlessly.

2. Speaker Stands:

  • Adjustable speaker stands provide flexibility in directing sound, optimizing the listening experience for different audiences and venue layouts.

3. SM58 Microphones with Stands:

  • Renowned for their clarity and durability, the SM58 microphones ensure that vocals are projected with precision, allowing singers to shine.

4. Yamaha Mixer MG06X:

  • The heart of the setup, this Yamaha mixer offers intuitive controls and professional-grade audio processing, empowering sound technicians and musicians alike.

Why Choose Our Small Band PA System Hire?

1. Portable Excellence:

  • Designed for mobility, our Small Band PA System allows musicians to bring their artistry to various venues without compromising on audio quality.

2. Tailored Sound Solutions:

  • Our experienced sound technicians collaborate with musicians and event organisers to tailor the audio settings, ensuring optimal sound quality for each unique venue.

3. Transparent Pricing:

  • We believe in making exceptional audio accessible. Explore our pa hire prices for budget-friendly options without compromising on sonic excellence.

Hire A Small Band PA System from Technically Unique Today!

From heartfelt wedding serenades to the rhythmic beats of a small concert, our Small Band PA System Hire amplifies the magic of live music. Musicians, event planners, and party hosts seeking a compact yet powerful audio solution need look no further. Elevate your musical experience, create lasting memories, and let the melodies resonate with clarity. Book our Small Band PA System today and embark on a sonic journey that transcends expectations.

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