Sound Systems For Rent

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Looking for sound systems for rent? Look no further. When orchestrating a successful event, the quality of sound is paramount, capable of defining the overall experience. Regardless of whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, lively party, or a captivating live performance, securing the right sound system for rent is essential for creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Our sound system rental services are precisely tailored to meet these needs, offering a diverse range of packages. Let’s delve into our selection, crafted to suit various occasions.

Small PA  Sound System For Rent 

For more intimate gatherings or small-scale events, our Small PA System Hire Package stands out as the ideal choice. This portable powerhouse comprises 2x Powered Mackie 212 Active Speakers, 2x Speaker Stands, 1x SM58’s Stands, and 1x Yamaha Mixer MG06X. It’s perfect for delivering clear and impactful sound in compact spaces.

Small Band PA System

Designed to elevate live music experiences, our Small Band PA System Hire Package includes 2x Powered Mackie 212 Active Speakers for powerful and clear sound, 2x Speaker Stands for versatile setup, 3x SM58 Microphones on stands for pristine vocals, and a Yamaha Mixer MG06X for professional audio control. It caters to the needs of smaller musical performances.

Medium PA System

The versatility of our Medium PA System Package makes it an excellent choice for various events. With features like a Handheld Wireless Microphone, iPod connection, 2x Powered Tops, 2x Powered Subs, and a Yamaha Mixer MG06X, this package ensures clear and balanced audio for medium-sized venues.

Medium Band PA System

Tailored for musical excellence, our Medium Band PA System is a comprehensive audio solution for dynamic performances. Boasting 3x Vocals for versatile performances, 4x Powered Monitor Wedges for stage precision, a Drum Mic Kit for rhythmic clarity, and 3x DI Boxes for seamless instrument integration, it’s a must-have for bands aiming for top-notch sound quality.

Large PA Sound Systems For Rent

When the occasion demands a powerful audio presence, our Large PA System Package steps in. With a Handheld wireless Microphone, iPod connection, 4x Powered Tops, 2x Powered Subs, and a Yamaha Mixer MG06X, this package ensures that your event commands attention with a rich and immersive sound experience.

Pioneer DJ Package

For DJs seeking cutting-edge equipment, our Pioneer DJ Package is designed to impress. It includes 2x CDJ2000 Nexus and 1x DJM900, offering the tools needed to deliver a memorable and energetic performance.

iPod Party Sound Systems for Rent

Elevate your event with crystal-clear sound using our iPod Party System Hire Package. Featuring a Soundcraft Mixing Desk, 2 x Powered Speakers on stands (including an active 12″ Sub), and seamless iPod connectivity, this package is perfect for events where music takes centre stage.

Who Would Benefit from Sound Systems for Rent?

  • Event Planners: Ensure your events are a hit with top-quality audio solutions.
  • DJs and Musicians: Enhance your performances with professional-grade equipment.
  • Corporations: Deliver impactful presentations and conferences.
  • Wedding Planners: Create a magical atmosphere for the special day.


We have sound systems for rent that can be tailored to your event’s needs is a game-changer. It ensures that every word, beat, and note is delivered with precision, leaving a lasting impression on your audience. Choose the right sound system for your occasion and let the power of premium audio elevate your event to new heights. 

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