AKG D5 Vocal Microphone Hire

AKG D5 Vocal Microphone Hire

Unlock the power of your voice on stage with the AKG D5 Vocal Microphone. Designed for both lead and backing vocals, this dynamic microphone ensures your sound remains clear and commanding, even in the loudest environments.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Vocal Performance: Professional-grade microphone delivering a powerful and crisp sound.
  • Supercardioid Polar Pattern: Frequency-independent pattern for maximum gain before feedback, ensuring your vocals stand out.
  • Dual Shock Mount: Eliminates mechanical noise, providing a trouble-free live experience.
  • Durable Design: Sturdy metal body with a stylish dark stage blue finish.
  • Balanced XLR Output: Ensures a reliable and interference-free connection for optimal audio quality.
  • Compact Dimensions: Portable and easy to handle, with a length of 185 mm and diameter of 51 mm.
  • Lightweight: Weighing only 320 g for comfortable and extended use.


  • Audio Frequency Bandwidth: 70 – 20000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 2.6 mV/Pa
  • Electrical Impedance: 600 Ohms
  • Recommended Load Impedance: 2000 Ohms

Ideal for Various Applications:

  • Live Vocal Performances: Cut through the noise and make your vocals shine.
  • Live Instrumental Performances: Capture the essence of live instruments with precision.
  • Instrument Vocals (Piano/Strings, Horns/Woodwinds): Perfect for a range of musical styles and instruments.


Elevate your performance with the AKG D5 Vocal Microphone. Rent it now to experience unparalleled clarity and reliability on stage.

Unleash Your Vocals on Stage with the AKG D5 Vocal Microphone Hire

Experience the AKG D5 Vocal Microphone Hire, a professional dynamic vocal microphone designed for lead singers and backing vocals. This microphone delivers a powerful and crisp sound that cuts through even the noisiest stage environments, ensuring your voice takes centre stage. Whether you’re a solo performer, part of a tribute band, or hosting an event, the AKG D5 is your go-to choice for clear and commanding vocal performance.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Frequency-Independent Super-cardioid Polar Pattern: The AKG D5 Vocal Microphone Hire features a frequency-independent super-cardioid polar pattern, guaranteeing maximum gain before feedback. No matter how loud the stage gets, your vocals will remain prominent and distortion-free.

Dual Shock Mount: Say goodbye to unwanted mechanical noise. The D5 comes equipped with a dual shock mount, ensuring trouble-free live use. Your audience will be captivated by the pristine sound of your voice, free from interference.


Audio Frequency Bandwidth: 70 – 20000 Hz
Sensitivity: 2.6 mV/Pa
Electrical Impedance: 600 Ohms
Recommended Load Impedance: 2000 Ohms
Polar Pattern: Super-cardioid

  • Length: 185 mm
  • Diameter: 51 mm
    Net Weight: 320 g
  • Body: Metal
  • Finish: Dark Stage Blue
    Audio Output:
  • Type: Balanced XLR
  • Gender: Male
  • Contacts: 3-pin

Noiseless On/Off Switch (D5 S)

The D5 S variant maintains the mechanical, electrical, and acoustic excellence of the D5, but with an added convenience – a noiseless on/off switch. This switch provides you with the flexibility to control your microphone’s output without any audible clicks or pops, giving you seamless command over your performance.


The AKG D5 is versatile and suitable for various live settings:

  • Live Vocal: Make your vocals heard with clarity in live performances.
  • Live Instrument: Capture the essence of live instruments with precision.
  • Instrument Vocals: Ideal for vocals across a range of instruments.
  • Piano / Strings, Horns / Woodwinds: Whether it’s the elegance of piano or the richness of brass, the D5 ensures every nuance is faithfully reproduced.

Elevate Your Event with Sound Excellence

Entertainment Hire and Event Production

Make your event unforgettable with the AKG D5 Vocal Microphone hire available for singers, bands and entertainers. Whether you’re organizing a concert, corporate event, or private function, our microphone ensures top-notch sound quality that resonates with your audience. With its dynamic performance and noise-cancelling features, the AKG D5 is the perfect companion for event production professionals seeking excellence in sound equipment hire.

Versatile Sound Hire Solution

When it comes to sound hire, versatility is key. The AKG D5 excels in various applications, making it an ideal choice for different event scenarios. From live vocal performances that captivate the crowd to instrumental showcases that demand precision, this microphone guarantees a stellar audio experience. Elevate your event’s sound production by incorporating the AKG D5 for a seamless and immersive auditory journey.

Rent the AKG D5 for Unmatched Sound Quality

Transform your event with the AKG D5 Vocal Microphone hire. Our sound equipment hire services ensure you have access to top-of-the-line gear, empowering you to deliver a captivating performance. Elevate your event’s audio production and make a lasting impression on your audience. Contact us today to secure the AKG D5 for your next entertainment hire or event production venture.

Elevate your vocal performance with the AKG D5 – a microphone that doesn’t just capture sound but enhances your voice for an unforgettable stage presence. Rent the AKG D5 now and let your vocals shine!

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