Sennheiser e835 Microphone

Unleash your voice with the Sennheiser e835 Cardioid Vocal Microphone Package. Professional-grade sound, enhanced mid presence, and a robust build. Ideal for Sennheiser e835 Microphone and stand hire, audio engineers, and event production services. Elevate your performance with confidence!

Package includes:

Sennheiser e835 Microphone



Unleash Your Voice: Sennheiser e835 Microphone Package

Elevate your vocal performance with the Sennheiser e835 Microphone hire package – a professional-grade microphone designed for singers and public speakers seeking superior sound quality. This comprehensive package includes a stand, cable, pouch, and clip, providing everything you need for a confident and impactful stage presence.

Key Features

1. Professional Vocal Microphone Package: The Sennheiser e835 comes as a complete package, ensuring you have all the essentials for a stellar performance. The inclusion of a stand, cable, pouch, and clip means you can focus on your delivery without worrying about missing components.

2. Dynamic Mic Element for Shimmering Vocals: The e835 is equipped with a dynamic microphone element that adds shimmer and sparkle to your vocals. Whether you’re singing or engaged in spoken word, this microphone delivers a clear and dynamic sound that captivates your audience.

3. Enhanced Mid Presence: The microphone’s enhanced mid presence is tailored for singing and spoken word alike. It brings out the richness and clarity in your voice, ensuring that every nuance is captured with precision.

4. Cardioid Polar Pattern for Unmatched Performance: Say goodbye to unwanted noise and feedback with the e835’s cardioid polar pattern. This design focuses on capturing sound from the front while minimizing pickup from the sides and rear, providing enhanced feedback rejection and a cleaner sound output.

5. Built-in Hum Cancelling Coil: Enjoy a performance free from handling noise, thanks to the e835’s built-in hum cancelling coil. This feature reduces handling noise, ensuring that your delivery is smooth and uninterrupted.

Superior Build Quality for Demanding Environments

The Sennheiser e835 is housed in a robust metal enclosure, making it a reliable choice for busy touring artists and public speakers. Its durability ensures it can withstand the rigors of live performances, ensuring that your microphone remains a steadfast companion on every stage.

Versatility Beyond the Stage

While the e835 is an excellent choice for rehearsal rooms and home recording studios, its true versatility shines in environments where speech intelligibility is crucial. Public speakers, educators, and vocalists looking to enhance their vocal delivery turn to the e835 for its unparalleled performance.

Confidence in Every Performance

With the e835 and its comprehensive package, you can step onto the stage with confidence, knowing that you have the tools for a remarkable performance. The stand provides a stable foundation, the cable ensures reliable connectivity, the pouch facilitates easy transport, and the clip securely holds the microphone in place.

For those seeking Sennheiser e835 Microphone and stand hire, this package is an ideal choice. Audio engineers and event production companies will appreciate the microphone’s quality and versatility. Sound equipment hire becomes a seamless process with the inclusion of the e835 in your inventory.

Whether you’re a seasoned performer or organizing an event that requires top-notch audio equipment, the Sennheiser e835 Cardioid Vocal Microphone Package delivers on every front. Elevate your sound, captivate your audience, and ensure an unforgettable performance with this professional-grade microphone and accessory ensemble.

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